The  PAMPA Line

PAMPA Traditionnel

Alfajor con coco.png

Classic and elegant, the Alfajor PAMPA Traditionnelle is an undisputed champion of the Argentine cuisine.

Formed by two delicate and soft cookies, linked by a velvety Dulce de Leche filling (Argentina's own type of milk caramel), and with a finishing touch of coconut on the sides (although it is possible to opt out of the coconut if you feel like it!)

Tasting an Alfajor PAMPA Traditionnel is an incomparable experience, a bite into the center of Argentine culture.

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PAMPA Noissete (Hazelnut)

For those of you who don't mind about coconut we have created an alternative version of the PAMPA Traditionnel, decorated with Hazelnut on the sides. Just as delicious as its cousin, the PAMPA Traditionnel. .

Alfajor Azucarado.png

Well yes, we have a snowy alternative...  These Alfajores are filled with Dulce de Leche and and sprinkled with snow.... Well, actually, it's powdered sugar.

Quite sweet,  you will feel they dissolve in your mouth, as if it were magic!

These Alfajores, just as delicious as their cousins, but with a distinctive magical touch, the soft and delicate powdered sugar!

Strongly recommended for those who have a sweet tooth.

Optional: It is possible to add coconut or hazelnut on the sides

PAMPA Neigeux

Oh là là, the PAMPA Zébré is the king of the Pampa.

If you love the taste of the Alfajor PAMPA traditionnel, this option will delight you.


The sweet and softness of the Alfajres you already love, filled with our magnificent Dulce de Leche and crowned by chocolate lines that render this Alfajor a prodige. This one is really a must-try.

Optional: It is possible to add coconut or hazelnut on the sides


Alfajor con chocolate.png



Tango is an absolute argentine icon, it represents elegance, but also sensuality and history, which is exactly what our Alfajor TANGO represents. 

Tow biscuits adjoined by our very own Dulce de Leche become a perfectly elegant combination when coated with a savoury chocolat dressing.

Is there any more perfect combination? We will let you be the judge of that.

TANGO is the ideal choice for a special gift, to share with you friends, or why not, to share just with yourself! 


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If you love adventure, the 'ACONCAGUA is made for you.

The Aconcagua is one of the talles mountains in the world. Only those who are truly adventurous shall dare to climb it.

The ACONCAGUA are made by a cookie base, with a chocolate mountain on top, coated with chocolate.


Will you dare to taste it? We can assure that after having one, you simply won't stop!


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SANTA FE - Avatar.png

Among all of the Alfajores, this one has the most history. In the year 1853, congressmen of the first Argentine constitution who were called to vote in the province of Santa Fe discovered these treats and brought them back to their families in Buenos Aires.

Why were they fascinated by these Alfajores? Well it is simple!


These beauties are made by three crunchy layers, each one abundantly filled with Dulce de Leche, and as a finishing touch, a delicate sugary coating, which you can customize! Sugar, Orange or Lemon Coating. It's your choice! 


These Alfajores are ideal for gifting! The founders of Argentine history chose them, why wouldn't you?