Resembling the summit of the Aconcagua mountain, after which it is named, this treat towers high into the skies of flavour.


You can choose the more intense, chocolate coated experience, or opt for a more delicate white chocolate coating.


It is possible to add crunched walnuts as well.


Chocolate coating:
  • Ingredients present in all our Alfajores : Whole milk powder; Semi-skimmed milk powder, water, sugar, wheat flour, corn-starch, eggs, glucose and fructose syrup, butter, vanilla flavour, potassium sorbate (E202).


    Additionally, the following ingredients are present depending on the product : (i) PAMPA Traditionnel: coconut; (ii) PAMPA Noisette: powdered hazelnuts; (iii) PAMPA Neigeux: powdered sugar ; (iv) ACONCAGUA Noir, TANGO Noir and PAMPA Zébré : Chocolate with cocoa butter (50% cocoa), nuts (if option is chosen); (v) TANGO blanc and ACONCAGUA blanc : White Chocolate, Walnut (if option is chosen); (vi) SANTA FE : rum, lemon juice, orange juice (depending on icing).


    Allergen Warning! All products may contain traces of nuts, peanuts, coconut, hazelnut, as well as all other ingredients of other products.


    Do not hesitate to ask us if you have questions related to your health needs.

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